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QC11K-8X3200 CNC Hydraulic Shearing

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Company Profile

Shandong Tiandu CNC Machinery Co., Ltd

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Address: Shandong

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Product details

QC11K-8X3200 CNC Hydraulic shearing Machine

Machine features

QC11Y type hydraulic shearing machine is my company accumulated shearing machine production experience for many years, constantly absorbing advanced technology development of domestic products.The machine hydraulic system and electrical system of advanced design, concise and practical, high reliability.Applicable to the general machinery manufacturing, automotive, container manufacturing, switch electrical and light industry and other industries can be used for all kinds of metal materials (material tensile strength Ob 450 n/was) or less linear shear, accordingly reduce the thickness of the shear, can also be cut low alloy steel, stainless steel, spring steel board high tensile strength

QC11 type hydraulic shearing machine mainly has the following features:

(1)the frame is entirely welded structure, and the vibration aging treatment of metal, machine rigidity, high precision, good accuracy stable.

(2)(1) the three support rolling guide rail, the tool rest roll on rolling guide interplanting no clearance, turn the handwheel to adjust the blade clearance, the blade gap value in interval displayed directly on the table.

(3)the blade bearing and four long blade, blade is convenient to adjust the blade clearance evenness, improve the quality of shearing, extend the life of the blade.

(4) the tandem cylinder synchronization system, machine to receive strength evenly, by adjusting the series cylinder oil, can easily adjust the shearing Angle, so as to adapt to the needs of different thickness of the shear.

(5)the motor after keep-off device and electronic counter, easy to adjust the position behind.

(6) the lamp to the line device, the user can use the lights of shear line.

(7)Hydraulic pressure feeder shear more reliable.

(8)Cylindrical material platform, the convenient user shear feeding.

(9)perpendicular to the knife under former keep-off adapted to user positioning operation requirements.

(10)Hydraulic before the blade tape under the stopper as auxiliary energy, absorption pressure shock at the same time, the machine running smooth, low noise.

Technical parameters







Max cutting thickness





Max cutting width





Cutting plate strength





Cutting angle





Max. distance of back gauge





Number of strokes





Distance between Columns





Blade Length





Height of the Table





Main power









Rotation Speed





Back gauge motor









Rotation speed





Axial Piston

































Max cutting thickness




Max cutting width




Max. distance of back gauge




Cutting angle




Stroke times




Back gauge travel




Worktable height




Throat depth




Main motor




Dimension(LxW xH)




Cnc    control



Oil    cylinder capacity




Oil pump    model



Hydraulic    max pressure




System    pressure



Dispatching and installation of machine

3.1The machine dispatching

Machine tool to the expensive unit, shall be immediately according to the packing list to check the model of machine tool, with the accessories, spare parts and relevant documents are in conformity with whether the packing list.If there is wrong, please contact with the company.

The machine bed upper equipped with lifting hole (lifting ear), for the use of machine tool lifting and installation (see schematic drawing machine tool lifting).In machine tool lifting and installation, must according to the weight of the machine tool, select the appropriate lifting equipment and wire rope, substandard lifting will cause personal equipment accident.

3.2The installation of the machine

Machine before installation, must according to this manual to provide foundation drawing ready foundation.The depth of foundation, which shall be determined according to the user the soil conditions that may not be shallow to 500 mm.Based secondary water work points, the first water after 10-15 days put the machine on the basis of the superficial level, buried in anchor bolt, then the second water, stay after 48 hours, with precision level correction within 0.05/1000 mm level, then a strong anchor bolt.The school level, level on the blade bearing.Longitudinal tolerance for machine tools;0.2/1000 mm.

Note: adjust machine level, fixed, in the machine before use, please dispatch the blade clearance to maximum state, and after the Assyrian 8.2.6 according to the steps of the blade gap uniformity correction women.

3.3Electrical wiring

This series machine 50 hz380v three-phase power supply, electrical wiring, please according to related standards, and regularly check the power supply voltage is normal.

Tank of gas and the machine lubrication

4.1  Add oil

Machine before use, be sure to clean the tank, the tank can not have any impurity and sundry.After the tank is clean, injection viscosity of 17-33 subsidiaries to stoke the hydraulic oil.Use the hydraulic oil must be clean, and filtered, oil injection fuel quantity to the center line

Hydraulic oil should be replaced periodically, it is suggested that don't work under low temperature below 5 degrees (-).At low temperature, can let the machine idle running for a period of time, if necessary to install the heater in the hydraulic system.Hydraulic system working oil temperature should not exceed 75 degrees, if the oil temperature is too high, should install the cooler.

4.2  Machine lubrication

Good lubrication is the protection of the normal operation of machine tool and prolong the service life of the important conditions, should be in accordance with the scope of the specification.

This machine is mainly lubrication part are as follows:

(1)before and after rest on roller pivot bearings, machine tool maintenance each year to replace a calcium base grease.

(2)fulcrum and rolling guide plate slide surface contact, replacing calcium base grease once a week.

(3)the drive behind screw, chain, guide slide surface replacing calcium base grease once a week.

(4)the exposed parts, rolling bearing and so on, even if no lubrication points.Must also be lubricated 2 times a week.

The lubrication points must often inspection, maintenance and cleaning.

Machine hydraulic system analysis

5.1.1 Oil pump start

According to the main motor start button, the pump starts, but the machine in the unloading state.The oil in the oil pump out of the overflow valve 17 flow back into the tank.(see the serial number of the hydraulic principle diagram)

5.1.2  head downward

Oil pump starts, stepping on foot switch, YA2 electrical, hydraulic system pressure is established, oil pressure and pressure all the way into the cylinder, pressure is cut sheet.Is all the way into the left cylinder of the inferior vena oil into the right cylinder chamber, because the left cylinder inferior vena area and approximately equal right cylinder area, forming a series synchronous circuit, driving head line.Oil cylinder right inferior vena oil is pressed into the accumulator.

5.2.3 tool carriage return

Oil pump starts, stepping on foot switch, YA2 losing electricity, the oil pump unloading, rest on the function of accumulator pressure oil return.In the left cylinder chamber of the oil the oil return and pressure feet -- as well as oil pump via the overflow valve 17 flow back into the tank.

5.2.4 shear Angle decreases

Shear Angle decreases when the process is keeping in the left cylinder.To the right on the oil cylinder cavity filling oil.In the oil pump running state, the shear Angle button.YA1, YA2, YA3 have electricity at the same time, YA1 electrical and instrumentation valve (19) close the oil pump oil, with the passage on the left cylinder chamber YA2 electric and hydraulic system pressure is established, YA3 electricity, the oil in the hydraulic system pressure solenoid valve on 10 into the right cylinder chamber, shear Angle decreases, and the right cylinder inferior vena oil is pressed into the accumulator.

5.2.5 shear Angle increases

Shear Angle increases is the process of keeping in the left cylinder, reduce right cylinder cavity of the oil.

Press the shear Angle increases button, YA3 electric, right cylinder under the action of accumulator pressure oil upward in the right cylinder chamber of the oil in the 10 and overflow valve solenoid 17 flow back into the tank

5.2.6 accumulator oil filled

Accumulator oil filled before, should first unscrew the gate 8 gate 7 and 16. The overflow valve head fell to the bottom dead center.Will point, a trip knob in point location choice, start the main motor, rotating accumulator oil filled knobs, TA1, YA2 electricity, gate 7 into the oil in the system pressure of the accumulator, 16, regulating the overflow valve control accumulator pressure value for P2.Tighten valve 7, turning the accumulator oil filled spiral twist.Head under the action of accumulator pressure oil return to the top dead center.

16 will overflow valve adjusting screw precession lock after 1-2 laps.

(accumulator oil charge must two people cooperate with operation)

The operation of the machine and adjust

6.1   Machine control symbols

(1). Plug, screw the electrical cabinet switch to "1" position.

(2). According to the motor start button, start the main motor, check whether the motor direction of rotation is consistent with the oil pump nameplate topspin to (after the start button, immediately press the stop button).If not consistent, should be corrected.Correct method is to replace the machine into the main supply line three phase line of contact between any two order (don't change the main motor power into the line connection order).When the pipeline system with air, can adopt the method of alternate start button and stop button, repeated several times, after waiting for air discharge, then make it into normal operation.

(3)According to the cut sheet thickness, adjust the blade clearance, for ordinary low carbon steel, shown in the table is shown in figure represents the cut thickness.

(4)According to the need to adjust the shear journeys.

(5)According to the cut sheet thickness shear Angle adjustment.

(6)According to the needs, adjust the position behind.

 6.1.1. Shear Angle adjustment

By adjusting the right cylinder cavity measurement of the shear Angle can be changed.Start the main motor, according to the operation panel on the "+" or "__" shear Angle shear Angle increases knob, reduce the knob to the right on the oil cylinder cavity discharge of oil or feed, shear Angle were adjusted accordingly.

The value of the shear Angle with light indicator.The shearing Angle is best determine according to plate thickness and material

Note: adjust the shearing Angle every time, after the machine tools must be empty running at least once, before being formally shear

6.2.2 shearing stroke control (nibbling)

In order to get high quality shear section, must be cut according to the material choice of the reasonable blade clearance.The machine is equipped with blade gap regulating mechanism fast, easy to adjust the blade clearance.Adjust the blade clearance by the Suggestions in the following ways:

With tensile strength Qb = 370-400 n/was, elongation Q = 35% of low carbon steel as adjusting the benchmark:

For tensile strength Qb = 370-400 n/was, elongation of Q = 35% of low carbon steel, at 8% of the thickness of the blade clearance, also the blade clearance table corresponding to the number in the cut sheet thickness (mm);

For medium and high carbon steel low elongation, the blade gap value should be bigger than a thickness of mild steel, concrete numerical value depends on the plank of elongation and your experience;

Shear plate, stainless steel blade gap depends on its elongation, not recommended to determine according to tensile strength, because some of the stainless steel the elongation is higher than the same intensity of high carbon steel.

Shear plastic material, blade gap should be smaller, and the shear brittle material, should be larger.

Note: after each adjustment, must try to shear, combined with the shear Angle adjustment, until you get the satisfied shear fracture.

6.2.4 replacement blades and grinding

Blade must be conducted on a regular basis, grinding, grinding, does not have long looked save trouble, actually could do a lot of waste, if the blade cut after blunt, continue to shear, the blade will make outer due to too much pressure. Grain structure damage, damage to the equipment and get good quality of shear.The blade after grinding, eliminate of the outer layers of the damage of crystallization.So should be according to the specific production situation to develop a complete set of blade sharpening schedule, had better have a good blade grinding, as a backup, lest affect production.

We recommend using the following grinding schedule:

80-100 hours after the blade in blade edge (in)

320-400 hours after the blade sharpening

The machine up and down the blade with four parts available.

The above schedule is only suitable for normal use of the shearing machine, if you can arrange blade sharpening in according to the schedule, the grinding quantity will be minimal, and will be the longest service life.Blade after sharpening or replacement, it is necessary to review and adjust the blade clearance.

6.2.5 blade gap adjustment (or after grinding blade in blade)

On the position of the tool rest before the factory has been adjusted, it is best not to touch it.Rest in lead over angled vertical tilt state, namely the rest looked down from the top is backwards, Angle to one degree.

In the following cases, the need to adjust the blade clearance:

(1), 80-100 hours when the blade, after changing the blade;

(2)  Reinstall the sharpening of the blade.

Correction of the blade clearance steps:

(1). Reduce the shear Angle, the upper and lower blade parallel to the shear Angle is zero;

(2)Close the main motor, slowly unscrew gate valve (7) hydraulic principle (see chart), low head, until the blade close and separate;

(3)With 0.05 mm feeler check the blade gap, and make it less than the value;

(4)Restart the main motor and accumulator oil filled.

Accumulator oil filled operation see "order 7. Machine tool hydraulic system analysis".

6.2.6 lights on the line

When the line of shear, can open the lamp to the line.The shear line and lamplight illuminate line.

Such as lamplight illuminate lines do not overlap with edge, can be adjusted according to the following method:

(1). The fixed screws loosen;

(2)Move fixtures are forward or back, to light into line with blade for this;

(3)To tighten the set screws.

6.2.7 Back gauge

USES the motor to adjust the machine back gauge

On the tool carrier must stop at the top dead center, then can adjust.

The movement of back gauge motor and worm gear reducer, keep-off size counter and control button is installed on the machine tool operation panel on the left of the positive.Machine is equipped with the backward, forward and behind inching forward three action button. when adjust, in order to eliminate the error caused by thread clearance, should make its move from the back forward, behind which is the final positioning operations must be behind by forward or point to move forward.

If the reading on the counter do not tally with the actual size, need to adjust the counter internal parameters, specific methods and steps to see above counter (electronic digital display) instructions.

If the retaining plate and knife under the parallelism between appeared deviation, adjustment method is as follows:

(1). The coarse adjustment: relax the chain tension wheel, the chain off, turn the two screw respectively, until keep-off plate parallel to the blade, and packed again chain.

(2)Fine adjustment: loose coupling between nut and keep-off carriage screws, after adjusting screw nut on the baffle plate and the blade, then tighten the screws.

(3)Fixed the reading on the counter and the deviation of the actual size.

Note: don't after the stopper as handling tool, the steel plate on the worktable, let the stopper pushing plate to shear position, it is dangerous to do so, will affect its precision.

Machine maintenance and troubleshooting

7.1   The hydraulic system

7.1.1 hydraulic circuits

(1). Check the liquid level of tank, such as oil below the center line, should be immediately added oil;

(2)Using 500 hours, the first oil change must be made, after 2000 hours of work with in oil at a time

(3)Use the hydraulic oil must conform to the requirements, the viscosity of 17-33 mm stoke;

(4)Every time an oil change, must be thoroughly clean the tank.

7.1.2 oil filter

(1). Regular gasoline, trichloroethylene and other solvents, cleaning is located in the pump suction side filter.

(2)First use of eight days, should be the first time cleaning, cleaning once a month later

(3)If there are any damage, must be timely replacement.

7.1.3 air filter

(1). The air about cleaning device installed on the tank cover;

(2)After 60 days for the first time used for cleaning for the first time, cleaned once every 120 days.

(3)Be sure to use gasoline, trichloroethylene solvent cleaning, etc.

If you find a joint leakage, you must tighten or replace the connector, if the high pressure pipe leaking and must be replaced. 

Replace the high pressure hose connector, must pay attention to the following items:

1.. Saw pipe, cross section and bus under vertical, must remove burr;

2.Nut and card can slide on the pipe, card sets of thick edge towards the nut

3.Drop a few drops of oil on the threads of the joint body, card sets and nut, so that the tight;

4.Nut, until card set could not enter the joint body;

5.And then, the nut screw 1-1.25 times.

7.2   Mechanical parts inspection

Must be checked every week all the mechanical parts, such as the drive system, guideway, bolts, etc.

7.3   The adjustment of the safety valve

In order to make the shearing machine to maintain normal production, properly adjust the relief valve is crucial, adjustment, should according to maximum allowable working pressure adjustment valve, once we have found your shearing machine is damaged, is due to the pressure setting value exceed the maximum allowable working pressure, to this, the company is not responsible for.

Before cutting machine come to you, the relief valve is already set, there is no special requirement, please don't touch it!

The security and maintenance of machine

1, the operator must be familiar with the structure and properties of the machine, the machine as the people at the same time operating must have the specialist is responsible for directing production.

2.Avoid by all means to dig its hand deeper into the upper and lower blade, so as to avoid an accident.

3.All the sundry tools, do not work on the stage, so as not to Pierce the blade cause an accident.

4.Should regularly check the sharp edge, such as found the blade with a dull, should be timely grinding or exchange, the blade grinding, grinding blade thickness.

5.Should regularly check the machine parts, and keep the machine and the surrounding site clean, wire insulation is good.

6.Installed on the oil pump suction mouth mesh type oil filter should be checked regularly clean, keep the oil filter should be oil, if oil filter is blocked, tong oil decreases, and makes the oil pump suction empty, affect the service life of pump.

7.Nitrogen cylinder shall not be filling oxygen, compressed air or other flammable gas, should slowly when filling nitrogen.

8.Nitrogen cylinder filling nitrogen, using pneumatic tools, pneumatic pressure of 5 mpa.

9.Drain to nitrogen before removing the nitrogen cylinder

Welcome to buy our qc11k-8x3200 cnc hydraulic shearing to help with your business. As one of the leading manufacturers of various CNC machines, we are equipped with advanced technology and equipment. Please be free to enjoy our excellent price and good service.